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Multiple chemical hypersensitivity

Multiple chemical hypersensitivity
Hypersensibilité chimique multiple

Air purifier: a treatment for multiple chemical sensitivities

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a syndrome that affects a very large number of people, but is not officially recognized by the World Health Organization.

Impacted individuals are extremely sensitive and intolerant when exposed to everyday chemicals. In 2018, an estimated 12% of people worldwide were affected by SCD.

Air purifier: a treatment for multiple chemical sensitivities

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a so-called environmental disease, characterized by an increased sensitivity to chemicals at low concentrations. It affects all populations, regardless of their demographic characteristics. Many people confuse the symptoms and reactions due to hypersensitivities with those of allergies, which appear and disappear with exposure to an allergen, but this is not the case.

SCPs are classified into 4 types with different phases of evolution. Some types can cause immediate reactions, as in an allergic reaction, or a delayed reaction of a few hours.

There are 3 phases of evolution of a hypersensitivity: sensitization or first contact with an antigen, latency or setting up of the body's immunological mechanisms and then lesion after a second contact.

They are manifested by various disabling symptoms that can be life-threatening: breathing difficulties, muscle and joint pain, headaches and even migraines, irritations (eyes, nose, ears, throat, lungs and skin), concentration problems, chronic fatigue, nausea and vomiting, heart palpitations etc.

Among the most impacting volatile organic compounds are fresh paints, pesticides, perfumes, cosmetics, building materials, industrial fumes and many cleaning products. Exposure to these products can be breathing, digestive or cutaneous.

Thus, this pathology, different from allergies, significantly alters the quality of life of those who suffer from it. Within their own homes, they find themselves intoxicated and some go so far as to move to less polluted areas (whether by external pollution or those produced by the surrounding inhabitants). They can also be forced to stop going out in public places (transport, stores, school, work...), leading them little by little to social isolation.

Symptoms are getting worse as the body reacts more and more easily when exposed to weak chemical substances.

Multiple chemical hypersensitivity: What is an effective treatment ?

Unlike an allergy, this condition cannot be treated by desensitization or antihistamines, which makes the treatment of multiple chemical hypersensitivity complex. There is only one effective treatment, the removal of the chemical substances present in the environment and responsible for the manifestations that cause the disorder.

MCS does not mean :

  • Reaction to bad odors like chemical odors.
  • Allergic reaction since these are mediated by immunoglobulins (IgE: natural antibodies present in the body) in the case of an allergy and not of a CSM.
  • Psychological illness, but a physiological illness that affects his daily life.

Addressing the environmental factors that cause your hypersensitivity is essential. We spend an average of 80% of our time indoors and eliminating chemicals and their fumes from your home can help you fight this disease.

Fighting indoor pollution: a treatment for multiple chemical sensitivities

Preventing the symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivities is possible with AIR AND HEALTH air purifiers.

Equipped with a medical grade filtration system, combining three levels of filters (pre-filter, HEPA 13 or 14 filter and activated carbon filter), they eliminate up to 99% of volatile organic compounds and 99.95% of fine particles suspended in indoor air. The activated carbon filter allows in particular to capture or adsorb part of the odors responsible for manifestations in people suffering from chemical hypersensitivity.

This filtration system is also combined with two unique technologies, ionization, which negatively charges positively charged particles to cause them to fall to the ground (allowing for easy removal) and photocatalysis (or cold catalysis), a final filter level, which transforms captured pollutant particles into steam and CO2.

Tested and approved, AIR AND HEALTH air purifiers have been proven effective by people with multiple chemical sensitivities. Depending on your needs, the AIR ET SANTÉ self-diagnosis helps you find the most suitable range of air purifiers.

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