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Air quality detector

A&S 968

138.00 € Incl.taxes
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Product features :
Filtres HEPA 13 avec une efficacité certifiée de 99,95% sur les PM 2,5 selon le standard Européen EN 1822. Efficacité et innocuité testées et certifiées en laboratoires de microbiologie spécialisés. Conseils et ventes de nos purificateurs dispensés en pharmacies.
  • PM 2.5 Fine particle detection : Particules fines dont le diamètre est inférieur à 2,5µm
  • PM 10 Fine particle detection : Particules fines dont le diamètre est inférieur à 10µm
  • Hygrometry : Taux d'humidité dans l'atmosphère
  • Ultra-mobile : Batteries rechargeable sur prise US
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The ideal detector for your home, to the most advanced international standards. It allows you to analyze the situation to implement the needed solutions to breath a healthier air than the current one.

The smallest and the cheapest of its category, with its laser it precisely measures fine particles pollution, PM 2.5 and PM 10 with an accuracy of 1 micrometer per m³.

It also measures the temperature and the humidity rate (hygrometry) of your place.

Very easy to use, its analyze of your air is immediate.

This measuring device from the AIR ET SANTÉ’s line, allows you to evaluate the indoor air quality. Then to cleanse it thanks to an air purifier. This way, the indoor air your breathing within your home is depolluted and clean.

In only a few minutes, it indicates you all key parameters of the air quality, the level of fine particles, along with the humidity rate and the thermic details of the room.

It works with a single button to be turned on to access the various information and other functions.

Press the button once to turn it on, the color display gives the air quality measurements of the room where you installed your detection device: number of PM 2.5, temperature, and humidity. Press a second time, and the level PM 10 appears on the screen in addition to other information already displayed.

Press and hold the button to turn off the device.

It also has an automatic shutoff.

The high-precision sensor, combined with electronic optics, optimizes the equipment’s running and efficiency.

The 320 x 240-pixel LCD colored screen allows to read easily in all conditions, even at night.

It is rechargeable with a USB plug, an electrical network, or on any device with a corresponding plug: mobile phone or computer intake.

Small and discreet, you will move it easily from room to room, it even fits in your pocket.

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