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The AIR AND HEALTH philosophy: everyone deserves to breathe healthy air!

Who are we ?

With AIR ET SANTÉ, “Breathe healthy air, live better”.

AIR ET SANTÉ is a French company, based in Lyon, specializing in indoor air purification.

At the origin of this company, four fathers concerned about the impacts of air quality on health, strong in the observation that we pay attention to what we eat and drink but that we pay little attention to the 20,000 (!) liters of air we inhale every day.

One of the founders, a parent of three children, two of whom have respiratory conditions, quickly became interested in the issue of indoor air pollution and discovered that :

• We spend on average 80% of our time indoors, at work, at home, and we breathe 20,000 liters of air per day!

• Indoor air is 2 to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air.

• In France, in 30 years, the number of allergies has tripled and the number of asthmatics has quadrupled, going from 5% of the population to 25% of the population.

• According to the WHO, air pollution can have various short and long term effects on health. It increases the risk of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, as well as cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the most vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly and the sick are more sensitive to air pollution.

• According to the WHO, 50% of the planet's population will be allergic in 2050!

Taking into account these observations and the fact that technical developments are the cause of numerous pollution affecting humans, AIR ET SANTÉ is convinced that technology must also allow the population to live better by freeing themselves from this pollution.

So, after careers spent in international industrial groups, they chose to give more meaning to their professional lives.

Their ambition: to provide real well-being to people who suffer from respiratory conditions and allergies. But also to protect people from virus and bacteria transmission.

To combat indoor air pollution, they offer the best air purification techniques and help consumers choose the device that best suits them, based on their location, lifestyle and pathologies, etc.

An in-depth study of existing technologies as well as the players in this industry was carried out with the help of the best air treatment specialists such as CETIAT (European Center for Aerological and Thermal Industrial Techniques) to ensure the effectiveness selected solutions as well as partners.

The “AIR ET SANTÉ” range of air purifiers was launched in September 2017.

The first users have given very positive feedback. Thanks to high-performance HEPA filtration and the choice of a suitable device, they notice an almost immediate improvement in their breathing and their daily well-being.

Then, expansion with reputable clients (Embassies, large Companies), in countries with difficult climatic conditions and high pollution rates (Asia, Africa) confirmed the seriousness of AIR ET SANTÉ's offer.

Finally, the COVID19 pandemic has finally established the reputation of AIR ET SANTÉ with the selection of its air purifiers for the medical profession as well as nurseries, schools and town halls.