Frequently Asked Questions


How to choose the AIR ET SANTÉ’s air purifier the most suited to my needs ?

We have established a questionnaire to help you finding the air purifier the most suited to your needs. You just need to take a couple of minutes to make the diagnosis .

We will head you toward the most suited air purifier and if finally your personal situation indicates that you don't need an air purifier we will inform you. Then we will share with you life tips to improve your indoor air quality.

What does the delivery costs ?

The delivery is free on metropolitan France for all AIR ET SANTE products. For a more distant destination, please ask for a quotation. Order is delivered within 3 to 4 open days.

How to track my order ?

When the package will be shipped from our logistic Partner you will receive an Email with your tracking number to trace it, followed by a SMS confirming the delivery date.

If you haven't received your tracking number after 48 hours please contact our Customer service by email or phone at + 33(0)972646716.

Satisfied or money back: if I am not satisfied with my order, can I send it back ?

The indication "satisfied or money back" means that you have 30 days since the delivery date to experience the air purifier. If you are not satisfied you can return the product and be fully refunded. To return a product you must make a phone request at + 33 (0)9 72 64 67 16 or by Email sent to:

Installation and use of an air purifier AIR ET SANTÉ

How to install an AIR ET SANTÉ air purifier ?

Your air purifier is prepared just before its sending. All you need is to remove the protective tab, plug it into a power socket and press start.

If you choose the automatic mode the air purifier will run itself. Otherwise you also have the option to program it. To set the program please consult the user manual contained in the pack.

Where to position the air purifier AIR ET SANTÉ at home ?

According to your needs and the device acquired, you can install it in a living room, dining room or in a bedroom. You can also move your air purifier from one room to another following your own movements and needs.

Does the air purifier has to run all day long ?

Our recommendation is to let the air purifier run at all time in order to obtain an optimal indoor air quality. It will automatically go to sleep mode when your room will be cleaned up.

How often do I have to replace the AIR ET SANTÉ air purifiers filters ?

Depending on your usage of the air purifier, we advise you to change the filters every 6 months up to one year. To help you we offer to contact you by email after 6 months of use to understand the way you use it and to advise you.

On the AS100 Eco air purifier, the LED lamp lights after 2000 hours of operation. The operating time counter indicates that it may be needed to replace the filters.

On the AS200 Medium air purifier, the air quality indicator LED lamps will remain lit after 1900 hours of operation, the operation time counter indicates you that it may be needed to replace the filters.

On the 1S300 Premium air purifier, an indicator lamp will light up when you need to replace the filters.

How to change the filters of my air purifier ?

You will find all the practical informations and the different steps to & change filters of your air purifier on this page.

What should I do with old filters when replaced ?

The old filters should be put in a trash bag and thrown into the trash bin. Be careful not to shake the filters during their change to avoid spreading the dust contained in the filters.

The AIR ET SANTÉ products

How long does the warranty on the AIR ET SANTÉ air purifiers lasts ?

All our air purifiers are guaranteed for two years. For more information about the AIR ET SANTÉ warranty and its conditions you can read article 5 of the GCS.

Is the AIR ET SANTÉ air purifier energy-intensive ?

No since the air purifier consumes the equivalent of a lamp which is about 1€ / week for continuous operation.

How does an AIR ET SANTÉ air purifier work ?

To discover and understand how an air purifier works and how useful it is, we recommend you to read this section : Why filtering the indoor air ?

The AIR ET SANTÉ self diagnosis

How was the air quality index AIR ET SANTÉ designed?

AIR ET SANTÉ’s air quality index is based on data provided by more than 300 measurement stations located in France of the EEA network (European Environment Agency, an agency of the European Union) in France

These stations measure in the ambient air the presence of several pollutants which negative impact on health is proven. The presence of these pollutants is very strongly influenced by the geographical situation (urban areas, road networks, industrial areas, agricultural areas, etc.) and topography. The pollutants mainly measured are fine particles, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and carbon, benzene, arsenic ...

In developing its index, AIR ET SANTÉ made the choice to restrict the analysis on the 3 main pollutants monitored by the AASQA network (Authorized Associations Air Quality Monitoring) :

- The PM 10

- Ozone

- Nitrogen dioxide

For each city, the AIR ET SANTÉ index is drawn up from the values ​​of the average annual concentrations of these pollutants (expressed in microg / m3) noticed in the stations, then weighted to take into account the proximity of these stations with the town.

SNB: Evaluated from annual averages, the AIR ET SANTÉ index should not be considered as an snapshot index of air quality and is not intended to emit an alert, especially during peaks of pollution. In case of episodes of heavy pollution, the value of the index, smoothed over the year, takes this into account.

Other questions

Do I need an air purifier at home ?

To find out, please make your diagnosis from the homepage. This test will find out whether or not you need an air purifier and if you need an air purifier we will advise which one to choose according to your own situation.

Does the filtration system reject dangerous elements in my indoor air ?

No, the air rejected by the air purifier is only your indoor air that has been filtered and cleaned from its impurities. Therefore there is no health risk.

The ionizer function of our air purifiers does not emit ozone.