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Comparative of the best European Air Purifiers

Range AIR ET SANTÉ Air purifier 'Pure cool tour' de Dyson Purificateur d'air 'Intense Pure air PU6080' de Rowenta Air purifier 'Series 3000i' of Philips Purificateur d'air 'Premium' de Air et Santé
Dyson Rowenta Philips AIR ET SANTÉ
Pure cool tour Intense Pure  air PU6080 Series 3000i A&S 300 Premium
Public price recorded on 2019 July 3rd
599 € 431,99 € 549,99 € 540 €
HEPA 13 Allergy+ Vitashield IPS HEPA 13
Activated carbon
Yes Yes Yes Yes
CADR (m3/h)
CADR : Clean Air Delivery Rate : Measurement of the purified air volume, not to be confused with the air flow rate.  
Undisclosed 360 393 320
Treated surface claimed (m2)
Maximum room size for an efficient use of the device  
Undisclosed 140 95 80
No No No Yes
No No No yes
Sound level (db)
Undisclosed 22 Undisclosed 18
Detection sensor
Gaz and particles detector Detector Sensor Aérasense Fine particles Laser
Filter price
107 € 88 € 124,98 € 59 €
Plug & play delivery
No No No Yes
30 days trial
Yes No No Yes

The claimed goals of a purifier are always many : Purify your interior. Remove fine particles, of both pollens, pets allergens. But also clean your house of volatile organic compounds that are gases and odors.

We made a selection of well known high-end products and brands to evaluate properly each purifier and their critical meaningful features.

All information shared have been gathered from the official websites of each brand, when a component or features were not available we skipped it.

What is key to compare air purifiers: first the Clean Air delivery rate (CADR) it is a critical rating it tells you what size's room an air purifier can purify. 

Then, the kind of filter utilised into the air purifier, is it true HEPA filter, what are the secondary filters, is there any complementary devices ?

All kind of purifiers must have several filters to guarantee a good filtration quality not only on fine particles, but also on volatile organic compounds such as gases and odors.

Ideally the Multi-layer should be an anti-microbial pre-filter, a hepa filter, and an activated carbon filter.

Is there also other devices included, complementary mechanism that increase the efficiency of purifiers ?

Finally, what is the ease of use, what has been done to make the use of the air purifier and the whole user experience as user-friendly as possible. 

Are the filters easy to replace? Is the unit quiet enough to purify your room without becoming a nuisance?

Does your product have a night mode to continue filtering pollution from your room without disturbing you?

There is as well the purchasing cost to assess the value for money and the replacement  filter cost too in order to make sure that the total cost of using the air purifier is visible.

You will find in this page all the technical advice on your device. But check well on customer reviews, beyond the design of appliances check what test is performed on each purifier before making your choice. Also make sure that the necessary functions are available on the system and that its level of quality is good enough, so that its primary function, eliminate pollutants, fine particles and allergens is fulfilled.

Each paragraph describes for the device the main characteristics, the parts and components on which it is important to pay attention to evaluate any kind of air purifier.

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is the gold standard

True HEPA filters are recommended by organisations like the EPA, the American Lung Association, and the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology..

These filters force air through a sticky membrane and can capture up to 99 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

HEPA filters are highly recommended in air purifiers because they are best at trapping small particles such as pollens, dander from pets, mold's spores, bacteria, and very small particles in general.

There are several levels of HEPA filters according to their level of efficiency in the filtration of fine particles such as PM 2.5. A hepa filter will have a price linked to its level of filtration as well as its capacity to eliminate pollution in a greater or lesser room, therefore its own dimension.

The quality level of the HEPA filter is an excellent indicator of the device's quality, Philips, Rowenta, Dyson do not all communicate on the filtration level.

Activated carbon or charcoal filter, they absorb gases and odors

Treated with oxygen which opens up millions of small pores it will absorb Volatile organic compound (VOCs) such as gases, chemical fumes, odors.

370 grams of activates carbon represent a total adsorption surface of 243 000 m².

Using activated carbon is a major complementary compound for the efficiency of filtration systems, against pollution, gases and of course odors in a room and the house.

It is the filter that will absorb pollution related to chemicals such as formaldehyde, ethers, solvents.

Beyond odors, this filter will protect you from this type of pollution that has a direct effect on health.

Your device quality will also depend on the volume of activated carbon into the filter.

Un purificateur d'air doit nécessairement disposer d'un filtre à charbon actif et son efficacité, dans votre pièce de maison ou de bureau, est directement liée à son volume.

Ease of use:

Plug and play delivery : when you receive your purifier, open up the box, plug the electrical wire a press start, that's it.Ni Philips, ni Rowenta, ni Dyson ne proposent cette facilité d'utilisation sur leur modèle.

Sound level : it is important to ensure that in normal running mode the sound level of the air purifier won't disturb you. Beware, decibels evolve on a logarithmic scale, which means that 3 db more correspond to multiplying the noise by two.

Your device should be as quiet as possible during operation, otherwise it will become a nuisance. All purifiers are equipped with several operating speeds. Ideally at low speed or during the night mode it should not exceed 18/20 decibels.

Automatic mode with sensors running the air purifier on auto mode. 

Night mode : dim the brightness, turns off the fine particle detector to keep the air purifier at its minimum speed and at the lowest sound level. Very important if the purifier is installed in a bedroom.

Child lock : prevent the possibility for the kids to change the settings.

Easy filters' replacement. Is this a simple operation without risk of releasing dust and other pollutants into your room.

Taking in account customers reviews is a good indicator of product quality and services delivered for each air purifier.

Some comparison tools available on web market places such as Boulanger or Amazon are also instructives.

The total cost of use over time

This is the purchasing price associated with the replacement cost of filters, it must be reasonable!

At AIR ET SANTÉ, replacement filters are inexpensive and their delivery is free.

How to find the right air purifier for your needs ?

1) For consumers and professionals :

  • Air ailments : do you or people around you are suffering from allergy, asthma, or other disease ?
  • Environment : is your environment safe or polluted and at which level ?
  • Pets : Do you have dogs cats or other Pets ?
  • Room size : The air purifier will have to be adjusted to the size of your room to ensure a good sanitizing.
  • Electro sensitive : If you or your loved ones are electro-sensitive, then avoid any device that emits high frequency electromagnetic waves. Our A&S 300 Premium purifier does nor generate electromagnetic waves (3 millivolt/m contact, zero at 10 cm).
Finally, read the customer reviews and comments, they are a good indicator of the quality of the device, its efficiency and its mode of operation. They will also indicate the general level of service of the company; the useful functions of the model if it is silent when it purifies and sanitize your indoor air.
  • How easy is it to order and replace the HEPA filter and the carbon filter ? Our A&S100 EcoA&S200 Medium and A&S300 Premium range of units have filter packs that include the HEPA, activated carbon and photocatalysis grid filters in one unit.

2) For Professionals :

  • Work environment : Are you using chemicals ? Do you have a waiting room with patients potentially contagious ? Are you treating living organisms, pets able to spread bacteria and viruses ? Filters must be wisely chosen to be adjusted to your needs.
  • Does your activity produce micro-particles, dander ? The quality level of the purifier will be chosen to effectively sanitize your work room. 
  • Are you or your staff subject to allergies, headaches or rhinitis or conjunctivitis ?

    Room size : The air purifier will have to be adjusted to the size of your room to ensure a good sanitizing. 

  • Working conditions : to avoid becoming a nuisance, the purifier has to be as quiet as possible. 

  • Prices and operating cost : Installation, the electricity consumption and consumable prices must be affordable and kept under control over time.