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Our medical grade air purifiers.

How to choose your purifier ?

Technical characteristics





Medical quality filters
Microbiology lab tested : removes 99.95 % of fine particles
All of our devices are equipped with medical grade HEPA filters
Suitable area in m²
Maximum air purification capacity announced by the manufacturers; expressed as a surface area treated.
12 18 - 40 35 - 55 40 - 80
Filters size
Filters size is essential for a good quality filtered air
136,5 cm² 910 cm² 1200 cm² 1380 cm²
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
Not to be mistaken with the «air flow rate» that measures the air volume treated without filters (irrelevant measures since the filters slow down the flow»
100 m³/h 186 m³/h 234 m³/h 320 m³/h
Number of times air is purified in 1 hour (20 m²)
Measure made for a room of 20m²
Not suitable 3,7 4,7 6,4
Charge in negative ions the particles in suspension of the air to make them fall on the ground and allow their removal
yes yes yes yes
Ultra quiet in normal operation
18dB is the an exceptional comfort threshold for use while you sleep : this corresponds to the ticking noise of a watch worn on the wrist
13 dB 18 dB 18 dB 18 dB
Maximum sound level
Maximum level in case of pollution peak (for instance with a lit cigaret in the room)
Once the room is depolluted, the filtration becomes ultra quiet.
35 dB 48 dB 48 dB 58 dB
Detection mode
The odors detection is perfect to detect scented organic volatile compounds. The best detection still is the one of the particles (more precise and performant).
Odors Odors Odors Fine particles
Humidifier (sensitive people)
Protects the breathing tract and the skin of sensitive people from drying out (babies, children, elderly people, asthmatics etc.).
no no yes no

Make your diagnosis
This diagnosis will let you know if you need an air purifier and what model will be best suited to your environment.

Which air purifier to choose ?

Find the right accessories for your air purifier.

the accessories
of the Air purifier A&S 60 Compact

the accessories
of the Air Purifier Eco

the accessories
of the Air Purifier - Humidifier Medium

the accessories
of the Air Purifier Premium

The quality of indoor air is very important in order to maintain good health. Living in a healthy environment, in ambient air cleansed from outdoor air pollution, fine particles, volatile organic compounds and the risk of allergies is a common goal.

All health organizations draw our attention to the degradation of indoor air quality, to the fact that the inside of our homes and offices where we spend 80% of our time is even more polluted than the outside. They warn us about the consequences of pollutants on our health and that of our loved ones.

Beyond simple instructions, such as ventilating and avoiding producing dust, pollutants and being careful with your pets, getting an air purifier is a solution, but there are some. many kinds.

How to choose: We present on this page our 4 main air purifiers with their respective characteristics

The objective is to help our visitors and customers to make the right choice of purifier within our range.

This for their home, their offices or even the car

For this purpose we explain what are the major criteria of an air purifier, filter, air treatment capacity, elimination of fine particles and volatile organic compounds.

Then we compare them and this is how, depending on the need, we can be sure to filter, eliminate or retain pollutants, allergens and bacteria.

You wish to clean your home, purify the air of allergens and pollutants, even odors, but do you know exactly what you need? This will be different depending on the ambient pollution, your interior, your lifestyle and of course depending on your surroundings and their sensitivity.

Our Self-diagnosis vous aidera à voir plus clair. Il vous aidera à établir quel appareil sera le plus adapté pour vous.

We calculate a pollution index from the 300 stations of the EEA network (European Environment Agency) and weight the results according to your municipality.

What type of filter is used in air pacifiers?

All our purifiers are equipped with medical grade hepa filter, activated carbon filters and additional devices such as ionizers or photocatalysis capabilities.

With their filters, they are able to capture and retain 99.95% of fine PM 2.5 particles, bacteria but also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and therefore some odors.

All our devices have an excellent level of quality, the performances nevertheless differ according to the needs of each one and the prices are adjusted.

It is important to compare the different air purifiers with each other and to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Is your filter effective, is it a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter? The strengths of this type of filter are its ability to filter ultra fine particles, so bacteria and even some viruses.

Do you have an activated carbon filter with enough granule volumes?

The volume of activated carbon present in the devices is directly related to the efficiency on odors, gases and volatile organic compounds in general.

Is the device suitable for the surface of your room?

The air purifier must be adapted to the size of your room, if it is undersized its efficiency will be reduced and it will have to speed up often to clean up your interior. You may then have a sound volume that is too high for perfect comfort.

Make sure that allergens, PM 2.5 particles and gases will be properly captured and destroyed.

Finally, the price must be taken into account, you should not buy an oversized air purifier but it would be pointless to afford an inefficient device.

This is the reason why we present a table of the main characteristics necessary to compare the performance of air purifiers and humidifiers.

The treatment surface, the volume of the room, the fineness of the filters, the sensors and sensors that control their operation in automatic mode.

The first is the quality of the filter, then the surface treated.

Then come the size and volume of the filters and the treatment capacity of purified air (CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Please note, for efficient purification of the ambient air, the filtration system must be made up of several filters, which have complementary functions.

Do we also have complementary devices such as a negative ion emitter for ionization and cold catalysis or photocatalysis capacities?

And, is your purifier easy and pleasant to use?

Pay attention to the sound level, it must be as low as possible so as not to interfere with your daily life

Likewise, do you have a night mode so as not to disturb your sleep? This is to turn off the sensors that control the devices and keep the fan speed as low as possible so that the sound level does not disturb your sleep while continuing to purify your indoor air.

How easy is it to fit the filters ?

at AIR ET SANTÉ we deliver "plug and play" which means that you have nothing to do except plug in the electrical outlet and press START!

Finally, the purchase price: This is of course the value for money of the device but also its operating cost, in particular the prices of replacement filters. 

So, when your ambient air has become healthy, you and those around you breathe better and live better!

Beyond the efficiency of a purifier, the technical capacities to clean up your environment, a look can also be brought to the Design. At AIR ET SANTÉ our devices are compact, white and have the most refined design possible to blend in with your interior and not to disturb your home.