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Our medical grade air purifiers.

How to choose your purifier ?

Technical characteristics





Medical quality filters
Microbiology lab tested : removes 99.95 % of fine particles
All of our devices are equipped with medical grade HEPA filters
Suitable area in m²
Maximum air purification capacity announced by the manufacturers; expressed as a surface area treated.
12 18 - 40 35 - 55 40 - 80
Filters size
Filters size is essential for a good quality filtered air
136,5 cm² 910 cm² 1200 cm² 1380 cm²
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
Not to be mistaken with the «air flow rate» that measures the air volume treated without filters (irrelevant measures since the filters slow down the flow»
100 m³/h 186 m³/h 234 m³/h 320 m³/h
Number of times air is purified in 1 hour (20 m²)
Measure made for a room of 20m²
Not suitable 3,7 4,7 6,4
Charge in negative ions the particles in suspension of the air to make them fall on the ground and allow their removal
yes yes yes yes
Ultra quiet in normal operation
18dB is the an exceptional comfort threshold for use while you sleep : this corresponds to the ticking noise of a watch worn on the wrist
13 dB 18 dB 18 dB 18 dB
Maximum sound level
Maximum level in case of pollution peak (for instance with a lit cigaret in the room)
Once the room is depolluted, the filtration becomes ultra quiet.
35 dB 48 dB 48 dB 58 dB
Detection mode
The odors detection is perfect to detect scented organic volatile compounds. The best detection still is the one of the particles (more precise and performant).
Odors Odors Odors Fine particles
Humidifier (sensitive people)
Protects the breathing tract and the skin of sensitive people from drying out (babies, children, elderly people, asthmatics etc.).
no no yes no

Make your diagnosis
This diagnosis will let you know if you need an air purifier and what model will be best suited to your environment.

Which air purifier to choose ?

Find the right accessories for your air purifier.

the accessories
of the Air purifier A&S 60 Compact

the accessories
of the Air Purifier Eco

the accessories
of the Air Purifier - Humidifier Medium

the accessories
of the Air Purifier Premium