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Dust allergy

Dust allergy

The air purifier or the solution against dust and dust mite allergies

In our homes, we are not protected from environmental pollution and fine particles. The air inside our apartment or house is 9 times more polluted than the air outside.

Outdoor pollution enters our homes and mixes with fine particles created by the use of household and cleaning products, dust mites, kitchen odors and furniture particles. 

All these pollutants are the cause of a large number of allergies that increasingly affect the health of a large number of people, regardless of age and location.

Dust and the role of the air filter

The accumulation of dust produced by work, cleaning in a building or simply in new housing, can lead to respiratory difficulties (asthma) for some and be the cause of allergies for others. Today, millions of people in the world suffer from respiratory discomfort (asthma) and dust allergy.

When we talk about dust allergy, we are referring to the dust mites found in dust. Dust mites are natural hosts in our environment, they look like small spiders and because of their size (a few microns) they are invisible to the naked eye.

Dust mites, or more specifically their faeces, come in contact with the skin and respiratory mucous membranes in the place where an individual sleeps, in touch with the textile of a bedding. They hide mainly in mattresses of any composition (wool, cotton, foam), carpeting, furniture wood and their molds, thick curtains, toys and stuffed animals found in a child's room, etc.

Which air purifier to choose to fight dust ?

Dust mites are easily spread when you move your furniture or lift the sheets of your bed. The air purifier purifies and sanitizes the space in which it is placed, it allows to limit the exposure to various fine particles and pollutants.

The device removes 100% of the airborne particles in your indoor environment and helps you breathe easier. In an indoor air purifier, the pre-filter draws in and removes the largest pollutants: dust, pet hair and hair. It contains a block of filters including the HEPA 13 or 14 filter that helps remove fine particles, down to 0.01 microns, and harmful airborne germs. Activated carbon filters and additional options such as photocatalysis and ionization are highly effective in removing dust and other pollutants.

Depending on the space you wish to purify, you will have to choose among our range of devices, the one with enough power according to your surface in square meters and the volume in cubic meters. In addition to treating allergic rhinitis due to the occurrence of dust mites, the purifier has a broad spectrum of actions and can eliminate a large number of other pollutants and allergens:

AIR ET SANTÉ indoor air purifiers offer medical grade mechanical filtration that helps eliminate up to 99.995% of fine particles down to 0.01 micrometers in diameter.