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Person with asthma

Person with asthma

The air purifier, your everyday ally in the fight against asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease from which 4 million people suffer in France and more than 260 million worldwide. It affects children more than adults and has been growing continuously for 30 years.

Childhood asthma affects the health of all people in the world and occurs at an early age. In France, nearly 10% of children suffer from it.

Childhood asthma is a chronic, non-transmissible disease. It manifests itself by an inflammation of the bronchial tubes and therefore by an attack during which the person experiences breathing difficulties and a persistent dry cough.

What is asthma ?

The causes of infantile asthma are difficult to identify, but the risk factors generally come from genetic or "endogenous" predispositions. In other cases, it is the domestic or professional environment that is the cause of the disease; we find :

  • Active or passive smoking,
  • The presence of allergens (dust mites, pollens, pet hair),
  • Air pollution (atmospheric household products, perfumes),
  • Viral infections (colds, bronchitis, angina),
  • Endurance sports.

Everyday, when we breathe, air passes in our body through the bronchial tubes and trachea to supply our lungs. This oxygen is distributed through blood vessels to be delivered all over our body.

In the case of a non-sufferer, the bronchial tubes are open enough to breathe without much effort.

In the case of an asthmatic person, the bronchial tubes are permanently inflamed, the muscles are contracted and therefore the bronchial tubes are tighter, which prevents the air from circulating simply to the lungs.

Childhood asthma is detectable in children from the age of 3 or 4 years, ages at which the development of the pulmonary alveoli is definitely fixed.

How to recognize the symptoms of childhood asthma ?

  • Breathing discomfort,
  • Wheezing when breathing,
  • A dry or spasmodic cough (can be continuous),
  • A feeling of tightness.

Asthma attacks occur most often at night, during sleep, or upon waking (in the morning).

Normally, between asthma attacks, the person's breathing becomes normal without discomfort and wheezing. As time passes, the discomfort may become permanent or manifest a form of respiratory failure and require continuous medication.

The air purifier, an effective device to fight against asthma?

Generally, to improve their health or relieve some symptoms, asthma sufferers must consult their doctor to be prescribed a basic treatment (cortisone, Ventolin/inhaler) or medication to be taken over a long period of time. This treatment allows them to dilate their bronchial tubes and therefore improve their breathing.

The use of an air purifier can also improve the physiology of these small airways and thus the respiratory inflammation in the case of asthmatics.

AIR ET SANTÉ air purifiers offer medical grade mechanical filtration and are broken down into several ranges that cover different surfaces and volumes. They are equipped with filters of which, the pre-filter aspires and eliminates "thick" pollutants such as dust, animal hair and hair; the HEPA 13 or 14 filter eliminates fine particles and airborne germs down to 0.01 micrometers and the activated carbon filter "adsorbs" air molecules from VOCs.

The objective of this study is to find out if the reduction of fine particles, using a removal system, can be associated with improvements in airflow and inflammation in children with asthma...

When the concentration of PM2.5 and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is reduced, there can be a significant improvement in breath in children and adults. The air purifier can change the life and sleep of anyone with asthma. Easily moved from one room to another, it has an ultra quiet character which allows it to become our daily ally.

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