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Dog hair allergy

Dog hair allergy
Dog hair allergy

Dog hair allergy: which air purifier to choose?

Frustrating for dog lovers, dog hair allergy can be controlled with the help of an air purifier. In cases of dog hair allergy, an air purifier is recommended for optimal and long-lasting effectiveness. It continuously reduces the allergens found in the indoor air. 

In this sense, this action allows to affirm that the air purifier fights against allergies. The filters absorb odors and pet hair that fly around you and any particles you inhale.

Air purifier to remove dog hair : which one to choose ?

To control a dog hair allergy, it is recommended that you maintain good hygiene and air circulation in your home on a daily basis. Cleaning your home in this way reduces the amount of airborne allergens from your pet.

However, due to a lack of time or because there are too many hairs, it is often impossible to keep to this rule and very quickly, the dander, hairs and other pollutants come back to deteriorate the quality of the indoor air.

The air purifier, with its HEPA 13 or 14 filter and its activated carbon filter, helps to continuously fight against this pollution.

But which air purifier should you use to avoid being affected by dog hair and its consequences on your health? 

To answer this question, we will see that our pets are allergenic agents because they carry particles that the air purifier has the ability to control.

Also, what exactly are these allergens that your pet gives off and how to remove them?

Dog allergens

We love our furballs and living with them on a daily basis, but some are responsible for our allergies.

But what exactly causes these allergies? 

Every animal carries light particles that end up in the air inside a house.

In the case of dogs, the allergenic proteins are mainly found in saliva, dander (microscopic pieces of skin) and urine. Bathing a dog will reduce this allergenic production, but will not eliminate it. These substances form some of the fine particles that become airborne and are highly allergenic.

Air purifiers absorb dog hair

Air purifiers, with their mechanical filtration system, can effectively treat the air.

The pre-filter is essential for filtering macro-particles or dog hair in our case. The Hepa 13 or 14 filters are the most efficient for trapping the very fine particles that are released by mold, pollen, dust, dust mites and all the allergens that your dogs release.

Furthermore, pets give off specific odors that are also composed of particles. Allergic people experience symptoms such as asthma or rhinitis when they come into contact with them. The activated carbon filter of the purifiers acts on the odors of your pets.

The reduction of these allergens by the purifiers improves air quality and leads to health benefits.

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