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UV lamp Premium

A&S 300

14.40 € incl VAT

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Purificateur d'air Premium Pro H14


The A&S 300 Premium air purifier is the only model containing two UV lamps for photocatalysis.

The UV lamps are essential in the operation of photocatalysis, they allow by a physical and chemical reaction to transform the pollutants present in the air into water vapor.
If a UV lamp is not working, the photocatalysis function cannot be used.

Tips & Advices

Depending on your use of photocatalysis you will have to replace your two UV lamps more or less quickly.
The life span of the UV lamps is approximately two years, or 15,000 hours of use per UV lamp.

It is recommended to turn on the lamp at least two hours before changing the filters of the air purifier, in order to eliminate all the viruses and bacteria that might be present after being captured by the filters during the air filtration process.

It is also important to change the A&S 300 Premium filters every 6 months or one year depending on the use of the A&S 300 Premium Air Purifier.