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The HEPA filter : Guide and explanations

The HEPA filter: Guide

Complete HEPA filter guide

Fine particles and pollutants, such as VOCs and allergens, found in our homes, workplaces or confined spaces, affect us and are harmful for our health. Household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and brooms, help remove some of the particles and dirt that accumulate on the floor. 

However, they also contribute to the release of those same particles and allergens back into the indoor air. In order to preserve everybody's health, there exists a solution which can make a great difference: the hepa filter.

The HEPA filters

Hepa filters, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, are also called absolute filters or THE for Very High Efficiency. They guarantee a very high filtration quality of the air and fine particles coming from outdoor air pollution, from VOC (volatile organic compounds), from bacteria or viruses.

These products are made from a fiberglass mesh and work in a mechanical filtration air purifier. The air is drawn in and passes through a thin mesh which captures any harmful particles and releases clean air free from pollutants. These same filters are used in surgical operating rooms and airplanes to provide continuous fresh and safe air.

What is a HEPA filter?

The name HEPA filter refers to a specific type of technology and efficiency standard. They are not only used in vacuum cleaners, like Philips and Rowenta, but also in air purifiers.

Each Hepa filter is EN 1822 certified. These filters remove up to 99.95% of fine particles, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, with a size of more than 0.1 microns ( microns in diameter) such as PM2.5, pollens etc. There are several types, available from AIR ET SANTÉ, of hepa 13 and 14 filters. 

What distinguishes them ? The global retaining of fine particles (99.95% and 99.995%).

The hepa filter differs from ULPA filters 15 to 17 (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter) which have a higher efficiency, 99.999%, for fine particles of 0.1-0.2 microns (micrometers in diameter).

Filter Classification
Global Efficiency (%)

Purchasing an HEPA filter

The hepa filter is easily available if you own the device which requires its use. The filter replacement depends on the quality of the cleaned air and on the usage intensity of the air purifier. The longer you use your air purifier, the more fine particles are drawn into your filter and its state will deteriorate. Filtration efficiency decreases when the air purifier is in use and so does the filter life. 

Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean the pre-filter and the hepa filter before having to replace the filters of your air purifier every 6 months to 1 year. Included in the AIR ET SANTÉ filter packs, the hepa filter is easy to replace and does not require any expertise or technical assistance.

For better air purification results, the HEPA filter can be combined with a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter.

Why use a HEPA filter?

By using a hepa filter, a high filtration quality and efficiency is guaranteed. Depending on the filter's grade, it can meet the standards of surgical operating rooms, as well as the requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories and production lines that require sterile rooms (foodstuffs, microprocessors, etc.). 

Made from glass fibers, they are very useful to purify a room from allergens, mold spores, dust mites and pollen. If you suffer from asthma, the use of an air purifier to clean your indoor air with the use of a hepa filter is highly recommended. 

Lastly, they are ideal to help purify dust, VOCs and fine particles after the use of detergents, pharmaceuticals, food products, beauty salons or medical facilities.

The use of AC in summer and heater in the winter is a source of airborne pollutants emissions, including bacteria and viruses. Hepa filters allows to trap the pollution, the droplets, and therefore to reduce the spread and the possible transmission of toxic substances for health.

Each of our air purifiers at AIR ET SANTÉ is delivered with a complete filter pack. Afterwards, it is possible to buy spare filters from our company's website. 

Costs are moderate, the purchase price of a filter pack, from the AS20 car purifier orA&S 50 Compact to the AS800 Pro, starts at 13,5€ and the most expensive is 100€. The hepa 13 filter, with medical quality, is adapted in size and compatible with all models of our devices.

A new range of HEPA 14 filters is already available on our A&S 300 Premium purifier as well as on our AstroPure 2000.

The delivery of filter packs in France, like the machines, is free of charge with no minimum purchase. Additional charges may apply for delivery within the EU or outside Europe.

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