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Air Purifier Eco

A&S 100

228.00 € Incl.taxes
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Product features :
Filtres HEPA 13 avec une efficacité certifiée de 99,95% sur les PM 2,5 selon le standard Européen EN 1822. Efficacité et innocuité testées et certifiées en laboratoires de microbiologie spécialisés. Conseils et ventes de nos purificateurs dispensés en pharmacies.
  • Treated area : 40 m²
  • Medical grade HEPA 13 filter : YES
    HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Matter, able to filter 99,95% of fine particles as small as 0,1 micron. Filters bacteria and some virus
  • Treated air volume/hour (CADR) : 186 m³/h
  • Ultra-silent : Yes
    18 to 45 dB
  • Photo-catalysis : Yes with UV lamp
    Breaks down biological and chemical pollutants into water vapor and carbon dioxide
  • Night mode : Yes
    reduces the brightness and noise of the air purifier
  • Ionizer : Yes
    Natural principle that negatively charges pollutants in the air to make them fall to the ground
  • Anti-Microbial Pre-filter : Oui
  • Intelligent odor sensor : Yes
  • Activated carbon filter : Yes
    Porous structure with high absorption power which fixes and retains VOCs and odors.
  • Fan speed : 3
  • Air quality indicator : Yes
    Bar chart.
  • Formaldehyde decomposition rate : Yes
    Oxidation and decomposition into water vapor and carbon dioxide
  • Filter change indicator : Oui
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Plug and play
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surface traitée de 40m² For treated spaces up to
40 m²


The Eco air purifier is our value offer within our AIR ET SANTE range, however it will detect odors and automatically adjust the air purification.

It helps fight against:                  

  • Pollution
  • Respiratory allergies
  • Allergies to animal dander and hairs
  • Asthma
  • Viruses, bacterias.
  • Indoor odors (tobacco, aerosols)

The air purifier is a multi-layer of 3 filters and a cold catalyst. The pre-filter stops big dust to protect the all filtration system. 

The HEPA 13 filter stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters. It's a filter designed to capture very small air particles that are less than 0,10 micrometers. The H13 filter traps 99,95% of the ultra fine particles PM 2.5 that are two and one half microns or less in width, so roughly 40 fine particles could be placed on a human hair width. 

The carbon filters are treated with oxygen which opens up millions of small pores in the carbon. Carbon filters will absorb volatile organic compound, odors, gases and chemical fumes (Tobacco, aerosols...)

The A&S 100 Eco air purifier is also equipped with a cold catalyst system and an ionizer natural principle that negatively charges pollutants in the air to make them fall to the ground you can switch it on or off according your need and feeling. The cold catalyst and the UV lamp turn the last airborne pollutants into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The ioniser function works with a negative ion emitters, these ions aggregates to the pollutants and make them fall to the ground

The A&S 100 Eco air purifier is well suited for modest budgets and small rooms, it will sanitize a maximum surface of 40 m² and it treats 186 m3 of air per hour.

Technical features

Treated surface 40 m²
Filters included YES
Filter types Medical grade HEPA filter,                                      Activated carbon filter                                    
Negative ions emetter YES
Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR) 186 m³/h
Sound level 18 dB in normal mode mode / 45 dB in intense mode
Sizes (mm) 505H x 335L x 190E
Weight 4.8 kg
User manual for downloading download
CE Certificate download

Advices and services

The A&S 100 Eco purifier will be delivered "plug-and-play". As soon as you receive the product just plug it into an electrical outlet, press the ON button and that's it!

The air purifier lights let you know when the air is polluted and the air purifier is in action (red light) and when it is in standby (green light). 

Depending on your usage, the lifetime of your filters will vary from 6 to 12 months. An automatic reminder mail service to order new filters is available if you wish.

You can replace all the filters with the Eco Air Purifier filter pack and the Eco UV lamp.

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