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Professional air purifier

A&S 800

792.00 € Incl.taxes
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Product features :
Filtres HEPA 13 avec une efficacité certifiée de 99,95% sur les PM 2,5 selon le standard Européen EN 1822. Efficacité et innocuité testées et certifiées en laboratoires de microbiologie spécialisés. Conseils et ventes de nos purificateurs dispensés en pharmacies.
  • Treated area : 120 m²
  • Treated air volume/hour (CADR) : 808 m³/h
  • Ultra-silent : Yes
    22 to 67 dB
  • Ionizer : Yes
    Natural principle that negatively charges pollutants in the air to make them fall to the ground
  • Anti-Microbial Pre-filter : Oui
  • Medical grade HEPA filter : Yes
    Means High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter, designed to capture fine particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon filter : Yes
    Porous structure with high absorption power which fixes and retains VOCs and odors.
  • PM 2.5 Laser sensor auto-detection : Oui
  • Air quality indicator : Yes
    Counter and color
  • Formaldehyde decomposition rate : 99%
    Oxidation and decomposition into water vapor and carbon dioxide
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The A&S 800 Pro air purifier has been designed to answer professionals’ specific needs: dental practice, dermatologists, podiatrists, and other medical professions.

This equipment also addresses other professionals such as offices, hotels, and restaurants.

It has an impressive air handling capacity, thanks to its double air inlets.

Its multiple filters and devices meet all needs: it is equipped with HEPA filters, activated carbon, anti-microbial pre-filter. It is also furnished with  an ionizer to complete a very elaborate and precise filtration system.

This way, you decrease the risk of cross-transmission cases. You and your patients and clients are protected from airborne pollutants (bacteria, blood, spores, flakes, etc.).

The possible production of fine particles - potentially infectious – related to the use of instruments such as laser, turbine, milling cutter, and more, is absorbed.

You eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are contained in medicinal and cleaning products (disinfectants, anesthetics, solvents, amalgams, etc.).

The A&S 800 Pro is the most powerful air purifier in the AIR ET SANTÉ range.

Its four speed-levels enable you to filter an air volumeof 808 m³ per hour, thus, to purify a maximum area of 120 m². Thanks to its laser detector, it accurately detects the level of fine particles in the air in your room and purifies it automatically.

To do so, the air in your room passes through a multi-filter system.

The first one: the pre-filter, removes large particles that could block the filtration system, and treats the first time the air against large particles and microbes.

The second filter is the HEPA 13 filter, which stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air.  It is an air filter, capable of filtering fine particles down to 0.1 microns in one pass. This medical-grade H13 filter retains 99.95% of the ultra-fine particles present in the air.

Finally, the third filter, the activated carbon filter, adsorbs VOCs, or "Volatile Organic Components" and partly destroys odors. The pollutants treated by this filter are, in particular, those emitted by furniture, paints, certain building materials, and cleaning products for home, like the aerosols.

To improve air quality, the A&S 800 Pro air purifier also has one more function that you can choose whether or not to activate:

  • The ionizer function: a negative ion emitter produces ions that will aggregate with positively charged pollutants in the air. They weigh them down and make them fall to the ground.

The air purifier Pro also offers:

  • A night mode that reduces the noise and light emitted by the unit. 
  • A childproof lock that disables the programming buttons.

The Professional air purifier is the perfect ally against germ transmission between your patients or clients.

It keeps you and your staff from allergies – whether they are pollen allergies or pet-related ones, but also from asthma and bacterial diseases.

Knowing that the inside of our facilities, waiting rooms, examination rooms, and workrooms are more polluted than the outside; the A&S 800 Professional air purifier from AIR ET SANTÉ is the ideal partner to improve your health and well-being every and each day.

Technical features

 Treated surface 120 m²
Filtres included YES
Filters type Filter type medical-grade HEPA H13 Filter, Activated carbon filter  
Negative ions emitter YES
Photocatalysis No                                                                   
Night mode YES, reduces to the minimum the lights and the noise of the air purifier
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)                                       808 m³/h
Sound level 22 dB in normal mode / 67 dB in intense mode
Sizes (mm) 800H x 380L x 380E
Weight 13,5 kg
Motor German
User manual to be downloaded télécharger
CE certificate télécharger 

Advice & Services

The delivery of the professional air purifier is done in "Plug and Play" mode: as soon as you receive the device you can plug it in, switch it on and it starts filtering the air of your interior automatically.

Programmed by default on the automatic mode, the purifier evaluates the level of pollutants in the air and starts to treat your indoor air.

A red light indicates poor indoor air quality. A green light indicates when the air in your spaces is cleaned, making the device going into standby mode. If the light is blue, the air quality is average. In this case, on automatic mode, your purifier starts working again to clean the air in your room.

A third indicator light tells you when you need to change the filters. Depending on your use, this light may remind you of this after 6 to 12 months of use.  

You can find on AIR ET SANTÉ's website the filter packs for the A&S 800 Pro air purifier, as well as a pack of two UV lamps to suit your needs.

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