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Fine particles filtered and trapped by our air purifiers


This graph represents the overall fine particle types (PM), their sizes and the level of efficiency of an AIR ET SANTÉ medical grade air purifier on them.

Fine particles are dust or materials formed by solid and/or liquids particles carried by water or air. These particles are created naturally or by human activity such as heating, industries, motor vehicles. For two centuries, with the development of human activities, the fine particles are in a sharp increase.

AIR ET SANTÉ air purifiers treat most of these fine particles, up to 0.1- 0.3 microns or 300 times smaller than the hair diameter.

Large dust, hair, animal hair, pollen, dust mite allergens, molds, mineral fiber's dust (such as glass wool and rock), ash in suspension, Coal dust, falling fine dust, diesel smoke and wood burning smoke are fully filtered by AIR ET SANTÉ air Purifiers.

Cigarette smoke, bacteria and cat allergens are, for their part, largely treated by AIR ET SANTÉ purifiers;

Finally, our purifiers also filter some of the soot, asbestos dust and viruses, despite the extreme small size of this type of fine particles.

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