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Protect your health and sleep

  • 1. Général

We spend 90% of our time indoors with differences depending on the activity. According to Public Health France, the time spent at home, inside your home, is 15 hours for an active person, and more than 18 hours for a retiree.

In a bedroom, the time spent sleeping is on average nearly 7 hours 45 minutes, or 2,800 hours per year. It is therefore very important to be able to sleep and rest in a healthy environment, free from components harmful to health.

  • Ventilate your room well, at least 10 minutes a day to eliminate volatile organic compounds and prevent the development of bacteria and mites.
  • Avoid the installation of new furniture, varnishes which will emit volatile compounds potentially dangerous to health.
  • Do not use devices with screens such as televisions, computers and telephones, the blue light they produce stimulates the brain.
  • Avoid excess humidity, excessive humidity, no more than 60/65%
  • Ensure a healthy atmosphere, without the production of fine particles, gases and odors.
  • Do not keep your pets in your bedroom overnight.
  • Use cleaning products selected so as not to produce products harmful to the environment. Avoid aerosol cans.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Do not use room products, odor diffusers, essential oil diffusers or candles.

There is what pulmonologists call the future mother syndrome, a common attitude to prepare for the arrival of a baby: recent painting of the room, new furniture and the installation of a perfume diffuser, three very understandable but to forbid

  • 2. Actions and behaviors

The room temperature is important to prevent the development of mites and mold, ideally remaining at 18°, maximum 20°.

No smoking, even at the window.

As far as possible, avoid new furniture whose varnishes, glues and paints can release volatile organic compounds that are harmful to health.

Be careful with construction and building materials, depending on their qualities they can produce chemical agents, formaldehyde, benzene, and other VOCs which will worsen the interior pollution of your room.

Avoid very thick carpets and rugs, and if you have them, clean them often and carefully.

For children's rooms, you should of course remember to put the soft toys in the washing machine.

Certain steps are also essential, such as cleaning mold to reduce the risk of exposure. Inhaling these molds can aggravate respiratory allergies and asthma, and lead to the onset of new allergies.

If the room is equipped with a wood or pellet stove or a fireplace, it is very important to ensure excellent draft from this heating device and to avoid leaks of combustion residues and fine particles. and gaseous compounds.

Finally, when cleaning, choose cleaning products wisely, look for natural products such as vinegar, black soap, etc.

  • 3. The consequences of a room with polluted indoor air

According to ADEME, many symptoms can be the consequence of poor indoor air quality in a room. Coughs, irritation of the airways (nose, throat, trachea, etc.) and headaches may appear. But also more serious symptoms such as respiratory allergies, asthma and breathing difficulties.

Chambre d'enfant avec des peluches et posters

  • 4. The indoor air purifier

La succession de ces filtres et leurs qualités vont purifier votre air intérieur, protéger votre santé et votre sommeil. Les études lancées en collaborations avec Decathlon ont mis en évidence l’impact positif du purificateur d’air sur la qualité du sommeil et la réduction des renflements.

When it is difficult to comply with the proposed recommendations, it is then possible to overcome this situation with the use of a medical grade indoor air purifier.

This eliminates various pollutants harmful to health from indoor air.

- Ultra fine particles, PM 2.5, allergens, external pollution, bacteria and viruses… thanks to HEPA 13 or HEPA 14 filters.

- Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) gases and odors which are emitted by floor coverings, furniture, etc. thanks to the properties of high density activated carbon filters.

The succession of these filters and their qualities will purify your indoor air, protect your health and your sleep. Studies launched in collaboration with Decathlon have highlighted the positive impact of the air purifier on the quality of sleep and the reduction of bulges.

Purificateur d'air A&S 100 Eco au pieds du lit