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Air purifiers help podiatrists

Why does AIR ET SANTÉ assist podiatrists?

For many years, air purifiers have been an ally for podiatrists in their daily work. It purifies the atmosphere by eliminating pollutants, especially the ones produced and projected in the atmosphere by drills and turbines during the care of patients.

It also adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as odors related to professional activity.

The Covid-19 has further highlighted the usefulness of air purifiers to contain cross-transmissions between practitioners and patients, and between patients in the waiting room.

1) What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a graduate of a state diploma obtained in 3 years in institutes of specialized paramedical training.

He exercises two very complementary activities:

  • An activity of care, the pedicurist and an activity of design;
  • The realization of orthoses.

Orthoses are devices that compensate and stabilize a limb.

The chiropodist intervenes on the foot and its interaction with the locomotor system. He treats static and dynamic skin disorders.

Turbines and burs are indispensable accessories, widely used by podiatrists. They are major instruments, used by all podiatrists to treat in depth.

The burr allows the grinding of soft resin to proceed to onychoplasties. It also allows to remove calluses, they smooth with precision and delicacy.

2) Why consult a podiatrist?

There are good reasons to go see a podiatrist:

  • They have a role of advice, in case of foot pain;
  • They can prescribe orthotics (orthopedic inserts) to correct or relieve certain pains;
  • They treat the skin and toenails.

    The podiatrist is qualified to treat foot pathologies such as corns, calluses or plantar warts.

Patients of all ages can consult and be examined by a chiropodist. Children consult for disorders during growth, which can cause imbalance, and older people for concerns related to rheumatism, arthritis, etc.

Sportsmen and women of all levels, from amateur to professional, will also consult a podiatrist to adapt their shoes by making orthoses for example.

Finally, people with disabilities, or with reduced mobility, call upon podiatrists.

In case of walking or balance problems, the podiatrist is able to detect lumbago or other joint pathologies. He also plays a role in the follow-up of patients with diabetes or arteritis for preventive or therapeutic purposes.

3) Podiatrist and the risks for his health

The use of turbines and burs results in the projection of fine particles, scales, nail dust and other substances into the atmosphere.

Nearly 80% of chiropodists consider working in a dusty environment. One podiatrist out of two declares being bothered by dust emissions and presenting ENT symptoms such as allergic rhinitis, sneezing, irritated throat and a third declare eye symptoms from conjunctivitis to eyelid pathologies such as styes.

Many chemical products are used by the podiatrist, from glues for the making of orthotics to disinfectants used to decontaminate instruments and others as surface and floor cleaners. The use of resins, silicones is common.

Back in 2018, INRS published an article describing respiratory risks as well as an increased prevalence of asthma related to the use of burs for nail grinding.

Hence the importance of our air purifiers, they eliminate particles vaporized in the atmosphere thanks to their "absolute" filters HEPA class 13 or HEPA 14 and adsorb part of the odors thanks to the activated carbon contained in our filters.

In addition, they significantly reduce the risk of bacterial or viral contamination between patients in the waiting room, but also between patient and practitioner during treatment.

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