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Baby humidifier

Humidificateur bébé

Improve air quality with a baby purifier and humidifier

Why is it important to maintain an extremely healthy air qulity in a baby's room?

In development until the teenage years, the respiratory system of a child is very immature, which makes him more vulnerable to air pollution and external aggressions. Moreover, until the 24th month of life, a child's respiratory rate is up to 3 times higher than that of an adult, which considerably increases the quantity of pollutants he or she will inhale.

Infants and young children are therefore more sensitive than adults to indoor pollution and humidity. Knowing that your baby will spend more than 80% of his life indoors, it is essential to take care of the air quality they breathe.

Your home, just like her/his bedroom need to be purified and offer a good hygrometry level.

An air purifier, that also includes a humidifier, is a very complete product. It can be easily set up in any room of the house. Its diffuser produces a mist or cold steam which maintains a good hygrometry. 

Ideally the ultrasonic humidifier is perfectly noiseless, priced right and its diffuser has a tank with enough capacity so that you don't have to fill it constantly with water. And, when the humidifier's tank is empty, the unit turns off the diffuser without stopping the air purifier.

Baby's air purifier and humidifer help protect you infant 

First of all, in order to preserve your child's well-being, it is necessary to reduce the pollution inside your home and in his room. To do this, it is essential to ventilate daily and to ban the use of toxic and allergenic products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as cleaning products, crafts, or perfumed products. In this context, also avoid diffusing essential oils, as an essential oil diffuser disperses volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, make sure that the humidity level in your baby's room is sufficient, especially in winter when the temperature is higher. Specialists recommend a humidity level of between 40 and 60%. A humidity level lower than 40% can cause your child discomfort, such as a stuffy nose, eye irritation or dryness of the mucous membranes and skin.

In winter, the air in your baby's room can be very dry. And in the summer, the humidity can drop to below 25%!  Dry air can not only prevent your baby from breathing normally, but it can also promote conjunctivitis, nasal infections and bronchitis.

In addition, the baby gets a dry skin, fatigue, discomfort, dry mucous membranes... Humidifying the air provides real respiratory comfort for baby. It guarantees a healthy atmosphere in winter to temper the high temperatures in summer.

AIR ET SANTÉ baby's air purifier and humidifier

The AIR ET SANTÉ baby air purifier and humidifier is the perfect ally for your child's room. The perfect combination of a medical grade air purifier and a 3-speed steam humidifier will guarantee the best breathing comfort for your baby.

Its ultra-sonic humidifier diffuses a water vapor in the baby's room.
This vaporizer improves the quality of the ambient air by maintaining a humidity level and its filters purify the air from allergens, fine particles, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Completely natural, with no essential oils or harmful compounds, this device uses clear water and will allow you to fight dust mites, pollens, molds, dust, bacteria and viruses, thus protecting your baby's health.

Moreover, the baby purifier and humidifier is provided with a night mode especially elaborated, which respects the sleep of your child by adopting a low and ultra silent filtration during the night. Equipped with a tank with 8 to 10h autonomy it will be able to function efficiently all night long.

Of course, it also has a safety feature that shuts down its operation and brings it to a complete stop in case of a flip.

It is light and compact with two handles to move it easily from one room to another in the house and follow the baby from his room to the other ones.

You will therefore have a two-in-one device, purifier and humidifier to protect your indoor air quality. With an excellent quality-price ratio, its operating cost is low with the use of tap water for the humidifier and a filter replacement cost of about 45€ every 6 months up to a year.

How to choose an air humidifier ? 

Once you have decided to buy a humidifier for your baby's room, on what criteria other than price should you make your choice?

Remember, a humidifier is a device that maintains or increases the percentage of humidity in the air in your room or your house in general.

There are several major types of home humidifiers :

1) Evaporative humidifier

Its functioning is very simple, we fill the water tank that we then fix to a heater in general and the water evaporates slowly.

2) Hot steam humidifier

The main idea is to evaporate the water by heating it and then cooling the steam to avoid possible risks of burns.

3) Ultrasounds humidifier

A vibrating plate transforms the water flowing out of a tank into tiny droplets that are then projected outwards.

This type of humidifier is now probably the most used, its misting effect makes its functioning very visible with a "cold steam" type effect. They are also particularly quiet during operation.

This kind of humidifier is also called nebulizer, which means that it transforms liquids into a cloud of very fine droplets, a fog at room temperature.

When the water flows from the tank onto the ultrasonic plate to be transformed into cold vapor, it is called nebulization.

This technology is very often used by people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, but also common air pathologies such as rhinitis, tracheitis and laryngitis.

Essential criterias to choose your device : 

  • The tank capacity : Make sure that it is not too small to have a sufficient autonomy of operation nor too big to not let water stagnate too long in the tank.
  • Sound volume : As quiet as possible so that the humidifier can be used in the room while the baby is sleeping but also potentially while you are sleeping too.
  • Its dimensions : The most compact possible to move the device easily throughout the house
  • Other options : A safety device that shuts down the humidifier if it spills of if you try to move it around & a remote control.

AIR ET SANTÉ made the choice of a two-in-one device, air purifier and humidifier to be very complete.

And, in accordance with the recommendations of the ANSES, the health security agency, our air purifiers and humidifiers do not diffuse essential oils.

Essential oils are very powerful and useful active ingredients, but they are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and therefore should be carefully avoided to clean up your indoor air. (ANSES, 2020)

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