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Astropure 2000

A&S 000

3996.00 € Incl.taxes
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Product features :
Filtres HEPA 13 avec une efficacité certifiée de 99,95% sur les PM 2,5 selon le standard Européen EN 1822. Efficacité et innocuité testées et certifiées en laboratoires de microbiologie spécialisés. Conseils et ventes de nos purificateurs dispensés en pharmacies.
  • Treated air volume/hour (CADR) : Volume d'air purifié (CADR): 2 000 m3/heure
  • Ultra-silent : Oui
    < 52 dB
  • Anti-Microbial Pre-filter : Oui
  • Activated carbon filter : Yes
    Porous structure with high absorption power which fixes and retains VOCs and odors.
  • Child lock : Oui
  • Filter change indicator : Oui
  • Medical grade HEPA 14 filter : OUI
    HEPA signifie High Efficiency Particulate Matter, capable de filtrer en un seul passage 99,99% des particules fines jusqu'à 0,1 micron. Filtre les bactéries et certains virus
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Plug and Play
Plug and play
Quick and easy to install


The AstroPure 2000 air purifier is the most complete air purifier in the AIR ET SANTÉ range for large spaces. It fits perfectly in indoor environments such as offices, schools, health care facilities or hotel lobbies, to name a few.

It is an air purification unit designed for locations requiring high and effective filtration performance against all types of contamination, including viruses.

Designed by American Air Filter (AAF), this quiet and powerful unit helps to filter and purify the air of spaces from 500 to 800 m² with a capacity of 2000 m3/hour.

The AstroPure 2000 has 3 stages of filtration:

  • A medical grade HEPA 14 filter, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. This filter is capable of filtering fine particles measuring up to 0.1 micrometer in diameter and retains 99.995 % of fine airborne particles and PM 1.
  • A G4 pre-filter that retains thicker particles by filtration (Coarse 70 % and ISO 16890).  
  • The pre-filter is combined with an activated carbon filter that filters odors, adsorbs VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) pollutants emitted by furniture, cleaning products etc.

The double stage pre-filter/activated carbon filter combined in 1 single filter ensures a complete solution of particulate and molecular filtration.

Its interface with a lockable LCD screen allows the user to make multiple adjustments to :

> Change the operating flow rate (variable from 575 to 2,300 m3/h),

> Monitor in real time the clogging of the filters and the switching on/off of the UV-C lamp.

> Ensure a strict control of the effective closing of the door.

Thanks to the different combinations of filters that can be used and a wide variety of optional features, the AstroPure 2000 offers the greatest flexibility to meet all specific customer requirements.

Technical Characteristics

Treated surface800 m2
Includes filtersYES
Filters typesMedical grade HEPA H14 filter, Combination of a G4 prefilter and an activated carbon filter
PhotocatalysisYES with a UV lamp destroying 99% of the HEPA 14 filter's bacterias
Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR)        
2000 m³/h
Noise level<52 dB in intensive mode
Size (mm)H 1 628 x W 770 x T 720
Weight120 kg
Energetic consumptionMotor EC – Low consumption : 0,5KW at 2 000m3/h
User manualDownload
CE CertificateDownload

Tips & Advices

The AstroPure 2000 air purifier is delivered in "Plug and Play" and it does not require any modification of the electrical installation in your premises.

You only need to install the filters supplied with the device and then throw them away when they are no longer effective. The pre-filter and activated carbon filter must be replaced every three to six months. The HEPA 14 filter should be replaced every six months.

Maintenance of the unit is as easy as the installation itself. The sliding tray design makes it easy to access and service the fan. The easy access instrument panel provides easy access to the gauges, disconnect and speed control for maintenance.

The LCD control screen shows you the progress of filter degradation so you can gauge when it's time to change the filters.

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